Precautions for Contact Lens Users during COVID-19 Challenges

By Sunil Khatri

With the pandemic and COVID-19 raging on, life has become difficult for everyone around the globe. Especially for people wearing lenses, the situation with COVID-19 is not too favorable. As we already know, one of the crucial habits being asked to adopt is to avoid touching the eyes, nose, lips, and other facial features.

However, with people wearing lenses, touching their eyes is a common thing. Then, what may one do in such a situation? This article will highlight such problems and provide suitable solutions for them. With that said, let's now take a look at the few precautions that contact lens users can take, as advised by the Vancouver eye doctor.

Try switching to glasses for this period

Contact lenses are very convenient for a lot of people for various reasons. However, when it is being advised not to touch one's eyes, nose, and mouth, it is better to switch to glasses for the time being.

Of course, there is no proof that Coronavirus can spread from wearing lenses. However, contact lens users touch their eyes way more than an average person does daily. Lenses may get dust on them or may need to be adjusted. Also, people wearing contact lenses may get extra sensitive with their eyes. In such circumstances, touching the eye frequently becomes irresistible.

Therefore, to avoid the situation altogether, it is better to switch to glasses in the meantime. Also, wearing glasses in such times protects your eyes from the direct air.

Do not rub your eyes

If you are wearing contact lenses, try as much as possible not to rub your eyes. It may be difficult as lenses sometimes cause itchy eyes, requiring adjusting or even removal. In either case, try not to rub your eyes.

Always carry lens solutions along with you. In case your lenses irritate, immediately use the lens solutions instead of rubbing. Ask your optometrist to prescribe you an eyedrop to moisturize dry eyes while wearing a lens, which is usually the cause of irritation.

If you still need to touch your eyes for applying for medicine or adjusting the lens, always wash your hands with soap before proceeding.

Observe healthy eye and lens care routines

Lastly, no matter what, always ensure that you follow the right hygiene care routine when it comes to your lenses. If you are wearing them for too long, moisturize your eye with a prescribed eye drop. After usage, make sure you clean your contact lenses well with lens solution before putting them away. Besides, make sure you always wash your hands and face while handling lenses.


It is best to avoid wearing lenses during current times. However, if your situation demands you wear a lens, you may follow the precautions mentioned above to care for your eyes amidst the COVID-19 scenario.

If you find any difficulties or discomfort with your vision, eyes, or lenses, get in touch with the best Vancouver optometrist at 604-739-2015. Bullock's The Eye-Opener houses the best optometrists who are ready to help you and guide you with your contact lens experience in these difficult times.