We offer a unique and wide selection of famous name brand frames from around the World.


PAGANI’s eyewear collection takes its creative drive from Italy’s heritage, art, natural beauties, spectacular landscapes and all other surroundings. All these factors put together, inspire us every day to prouduce some unique patterns, which distinguish our sunglasses from all the other eyewear brands.

Kio Yamato

Pure & Clean in Japanese" Refined Luxury. Handcrafted with the finest titanium and acetate with signature J- tension hinge for ultimate comfort.


Clean Danish design is the basis of their products they always add a twist of something surprising – something unexpected. Prodesign aims to balance classic and clean with bold and bright to continuously keep classic styles updated.


Revolutionary designer eyewear made from carbon fiber reinforced with titanium. A lightweight frame but yet very strong. Blac is the world’s first adjustable carbon fiber frame, with the patent to prove it.


Wearing Parasite is daring to be authentic and assuming the claim. Joining Parasite is an odyssey, a quest for harmony and a trip to one’s deepest self.

Lamarca Eyewear

Exciting, poetic, appealing, stylish, original - 5 words that sum up the LAMARCA EYEWEAR collection.


Eclectic, contemporary, romantic—Gucci products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.


TOMS Eyewear purchases provide a person in need with a full eye exam by trained medical professionals. Each patient then receives the treatment he or she needs. TOMS supports treatments for three of the most common vision issues: Prescription Glasses, sight-saving surgery and medical treatment.

Gold And Wood

Gold & Wood - Gold and Wood is a gateway of the world of subtle luxury, where the quality and opulence of the materials (natural wood, buffalo horn, gold and precious stones) and workmanship speak for themselves. Over the past few years, the artisans and designers at Gold & Wood creating ever-more successful models, slowly forging a different, exclusive and authentic collection. Their discreet and stylish looks, as well as the quality and nobility of the material used in Gold & Wood frames, give them their uniqueness. Such workmanship is guaranteed to excite the enthusiasm of buyers, connoisseurs and collectors everywhere.

Bellinger’s focus is to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. Bellinger will always have that extra flavor that makes it interesting.


Vinylize combines our love for music, dedication to quality and our belief in individuality. Only the best materials, and craftsmanship are acceptable when it comes to forming a Vinylize frame.

O&X New York

O&X New York eyewear is a blend of opposites: simplicity and luxury, traditional sophistication and up-to-the-minute style, bold and graceful elements.

Barton Perrieria
Dedicated to pure luxury, their approach to fashion redefines style and elegance.

TC Charton

Specialized Eyeglasses and Sunglasses for the Asian face

Kazuo Kawasaki

Using simple, yet effective technology, Kazuo Kawasaki's screwless, three-point tension mounted frames offer distinctive designs for any occasion.

Entourage Of 7

Respecting, however not resting on the heritage from Old Hollywood vintage design, our choice, from the beginning, has been to step out of that shadow.


“We manufacture excellent eyeglasses. We want to make a profit if we can, but we don’t hesitate to take a loss. It is always in our thoughts to manufacture excellent eyeglasses.”