eye wear
eye wear

Readers and Accessories


Swiss Design, retro round syles and other classic shapes. Premium readers which are fashionable and design with the thinnest aspheric lenses for the optimum of reading.


Beyond Luxury

Reading Tools from the USA with titanium fronts and polymide temples. Available in a variety of strengths, anri reflected lenses and even an option for transitions.

Porsche Design


New York

Various urban designs including lightweight, rimless and retro styles.

Designed in New York for today’s presbyope.

Cinzia Designer

Once a dreaded sign of aging, readers are now the perfect accessory to complete your look. Cinzia's chic, fashion-forward eyewear allows you to make your own personal fashion statement. When Cinzia founder and head designer Cynthia Shapiro first started reaching for readers, she immediately saw the need for a fashionable, fun and functional approach to reading glasses. Cinzia Designs creates sophisticated eyewear accessories for the art of reading. At Cinzia, readers do more than magnify your vision; they magnify your style. Handmade, limited edition eyewear holders do more than hold your glasses; they hold together your. whole look.

Clic Readers

Clic readers are a new advance in eyewear with substantial improvements over the traditional solution to reading glasses. The most innovative feature is the patented magnetic front closure. Click reading glasses have an adjustable headband and are available in two sizes, the regular size, and long, which is better for men. Not only do clic readers stay in place while you are wearing them, you can bend over and they won't slip or fall off like regular glasses. They also hang comfortably around your neck when not in use. Clic readers are lightweight and durable, as well as fashionable and fun!