Testimonials from our Clients

From Sari Z:

The most convincing testimony I can relate about the superior product lines at Bullocks is that I get stopped by strangers all the time who want to tell me that they LOVE my glasses!
Gary and Bob have helped me choose glasses for years. They provided me with my first pair of progressive lenses, which never gave me a moment of difficulty. I trust their advice- both technically and cosmetically. They both have great 'fashion sense' and offer honest opinions that really help with decision making. Bullocks stands behind its products and work: on the very rare occasions where I felt I needed adjustments or corrections, Bob and Gary assessed the situation and responded immediately, to my complete satisfaction.

Bullocks is my 'go-to' place for all my glasses (reading, driving, progressives) ; I count on them to provide me with effective and attractive eyewear that I use and benefit from every day.

And lastly, on top of all their professional expertise, they are very nice guys!

From Linda C:

The only place to go for really great frame options (classic to cool) and great service by friendly knowledgeable staff (Gary and Bob).

I have purchased my last 6 frames/lenses and a pair of prescription sunglasses from Bullock's. I often get compliments on my glasses (particularly on an unusual limited edition J F Rey frame which I've had for a couple of years now). Adjustments, when needed, are never a problem.

I carry a small supply of Bullock's business cards in my wallet and hand them out when the opportunity arises.

From Bernadette A:

Our whole family uses Bullock's for all our optical needs. They have a wide variety of products and are always very helpful and friendly. They are conveniently located in the Arbutus Shopping Centre. The staff are very professional and friendly.

From Jerry L:

To my Asian buddies, The Eye Opener is the only shop that carries Frames "TC Charton" catering to Asian facial features. Check them out.

From Jane and Colin W:

“We have received excellent care from Eye Opener Optical.”

From Kirsten Z

I've been dealing with Gary & Bob at Bullocks for more than ten years, and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for all my optical needs.
I have complete faith that they will advise me on the latest products and guide me in finding the 'perfect' glasses for my personality and lifestyle.
They always give me their full and unhurried attention, with honest feedback and knowledgeable suggestions. I've never been disappointed in what they've suggested for me,
and they receive my highest recommendation.

From Linda and Gordon M:

Having dealt with the Eye Opener for all these years, we continue to receive excellent and first class service. We find that both Bob and Gary are always willing to help and take care of our needs.

We think you’re great and we do not hesitate to recommend your store to our friends.

From Crystal G:

We have been dealing with Bullocks for many many years. They are the best optician we have ever dealt with, excellent value, superb service.
We drive in from Abbotsford to see them.

From Silvija:

I have always dreaded picking frames since I have such a high prescription and my lenses tend to be on the thick side.
I avoided wearing glasses and opted for contacts for years. But, when an eye infection ruled out the use of contacts, I came to Bullocks.
Gary and Bob both helped me find a frame that suited my face shape and ha
ir color and that kept the lens thickness lower than I thought possible.
When my finished pair of glasses were ready, I was happy to wear them! In fact, I haven't gone back to contacts for seven years.

From Marilyn T:

I have been a customer for 6 years at Bullocks’ and am so pleased with their level of service and of selection of fashionable eyewear.
Through prescription glasses , readers and sunglasses , I have found the staff to be very professional and very fair in terms of pricing and honesty when selecting my glasses.
I would recommend them to anyone !