DR Hung-Ju Kaiser SHEN

Dr. Hung-Ju Kaiser Shen was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Vancouver with his family at an early age. He graduated from Magee Secondary Highschool and obtained his Biochemistry degree at the University of British Columbia. After university, he studied in Chicago, where he obtained his degree in Doctor of Optometry in 2010.

Upon graduation from Optometry school, Dr Shen returned to his beloved hometown of Vancouver to practice. Because Dr. Shen loves being around children, he is passionate about promoting healthy development of children’s eyes. Specifically dedicating his efforts to preventing rapid progression of myopia with Ortho-keratology and correcting binocular and focusing disorders with Vision therapy.

During his spare time, he loves to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Aside from practicing Taichi to stay calm and energized, Dr Shen also loves to compete in a game of basketball, or hiking the Grouse Mountain in the summer. Of course, he would sometimes reward himself with a bowl of ramen after a rigorous session!

He is dedicated to promoting healthy eyes and vision for even more people. To this end, he has established his Optometric clinic in collaboration with “Bullock’s the Eye Opener” to service more people in this neighbourhood!

Dr Shen is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. For more information on eye exam bookings and inquiries, please contact 604-739-2015.

Dr. SHEN is an independent doctor of optometry working out of Bullock’s Eye Opener Optical to allow you to have a single stop for all of your eye care needs. Children under the age of 19 are covered under Medical Services Plan for an eye exam every year. The EYES are the windows to the soul and your overall health.

There are many diseases that can be detected upon a routine eye health evaluation. At a yearly eye examination, you will not only be assessed for any eye-specific diseases but also signs for conditions that may be impacting your body as a whole. Diseases such has high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis are among some of the diseases your eye doctor can detect by doing a complete eye health check.

An annual eye health examination should be an essential part of your annual healthcare program for people of all ages. Medical service plan covers the cost of an eye examination yearly for children under the age of 19 and partially for seniors 65 and older.

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