Established in 2003 by Malene and Claus Bellinger, Diederichsen Bellinger stands out in releasing unique eyewear designs. Bellinger aspires to design the highest quality eyewear. They ensure a long-lasting touch on every eyewear designed by them. This motto has made Bellinger one of the trusted eyewear companies.

Innovation, passion, joy, and personality are the brand values of Bellinger. In 2008, a collective and innovative working environment was formed at the Bellinger house. Bellinger house is now a collaborative enterprise of three other brands. They are the Entourage of 7, Bellinger, and Blac.

What Makes Bellinger Special?

Every year, we aim to build innovative designs that can help in improving the quality and texture of our eyewear. The uniqueness is formulated from the continuous study of the shifts in eyewear trends. We aim to be the new trend in the market with our collection, satisfying the taste of our customers. Through this, we make our customers choose eyewear of their preference.

We understand the needs of every customer and provide the most beneficial services. The trust that we achieve as a result helps us in improvising our creative standards. We wish to accept the love and joy attained by our customers in return for our services. Hence, we adhere to maintaining perfection while manufacturing our eyewear.

What Can Bellinger Offer You?

Bellinger has always given priority to making the users feel very comfortable in their eyewear, and the employees at Bellinger are skilled and talented enough to bring out these achievements. Bellinger provides the most flexible and reliable service for users. Furthermore, they ensure to provide high-quality eyewear for individuals who aren't afraid to stand out, as evidenced by their brand values of innovation, passion, joy, and individuality.

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