How Expensive Is an Eye Exam Without Insurance?

By Sunil Khatri

Getting your eyes checked on a regular basis is very important, especially if you wear contact lenses or glasses. However, if you do not have a vision insurance plan, then you would probably have specific concerns regarding your eye exam, precisely its price.

If you do not want to ignore the health checkup of your eyes and seek an eye exam within your budget limits, all you need to do is find out the best and affordable eye specialist near you. At Bullock’s Eye Opener, our annual eye exam services can easily detect all probable vision problems and keep you up-to-date with your vision care.

What Is Included in an Eye Exam?

Routine eye exams are imperatively crucial because they help detect different vision problems like myopia, eye strain, and astigmatism and allow you to stay updated with your vision care. Regular eye exams can easily help you to monitor your overall health alongside detecting symptoms of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health ailments.

Fortunately, there are numerous options for people who need an eye exam but don’t have insurance. It is of great importance for you to know that in a comprehensive eye exam, the ophthalmologist or an optometrist uses various instruments to evaluate the health and vision power of your eyeballs. It takes around 30 minutes for an ophthalmologist to examine:

  • Your vision acuity of vision sharpness

  • Your peripheral vision (also known as a visual field)

  • Refraction checks to detect any refractive errors.

  • Eye alignment and pupillary reactions

  • Ocular health

  • Muscle functions

Once your eye exam is completed, your doctor will tell you about your eye problems, if any, and suggest you the most appropriate vision correction for it. Always remember that an eye exam will only measure your eye health and vision power. It doesn’t include any eyeglasses or contact lens fittings.

So, if you need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, then you’ll probably have to contact professional and qualified eye-wear specialists and schedule your contact lens exam.

Who Is the Right Person for Your Eye Exam?

Many people don’t know that there are primarily 3 kinds of eye care professionals (opticians, ophthalmologists, and optometrists), and whom you should see depends mainly on your vision problems and needs.

  • Ophthalmologists – These medical doctors specialize in eye care and are responsible for performing eye exams and eye surgeries and treating any medical condition of the eye.

  • Optometrists – These eye care professionals are responsible for diagnosing vision problems and treating various eye medical conditions with proper medicines. An optometrist can easily perform eye exams and vision care therapies to correct vision problems and other eye diseases.

  • Opticians – If you’re one of those individuals who think that opticians are eye care doctors, you are quite mistaken. Opticians are just eye care professionals who are responsible for fitting, adjusting, and repairing vision glasses.

Now that you know about the three main eye care professionals and their job responsibilities, it is important that you consult the right professional as per your eye problems or vision care needs.

All you need to do is search for eye checkup options near you and choose the right eye professional for your vision care. At Bullock’s The Eye-Opener, we allow you to book an appointment online and keep up with your eye health through our regular vision checkups and exams. For more details, please call us on 604-739-2015 and set up an appointment with our professional eye health care experts