How long does it take for eyes to adjust to new prescription glasses?

By Sunil Khatri

If you're wearing a new pair of single-vision lenses, getting used to them will take a few days. This applies if you wear them every day. It can take up to two weeks for you to adapt if you only wear your glasses at night or on weekends.

The recovery time can be longer for people who have new bifocals or progressive lenses. Before you go ahead and purchase the best eyeglasses in Vancouver BC, make sure you read this article thoroughly.

When you get hold of new lenses, why do you need to spend an adjustment period?

If your eyes haven't adjusted to your current glasses or prescription even after two weeks, visit an optometrist to explore your options.

  • It's likely that your eyes have adapted to the fact that you can't “see clearly”.

  • The latest frame can make you feel uneasy, and your vision may be blurred at first.

  • This is due to the fact that your eyes aren't used to the vision correction you need. When someone gets fresh lenses, this often happens.

You aren’t alone. You've been used to the previous glasses. As a result, your eyes are not familiar with the new ones. Consequently, your vision might suffer initially. Irrespective of the type of glasses frames Vancouver product you are using, the experience might be the same for most people.

If this has been happening with you, don't go back and forth between your old and new lenses. Instead, get ready to wear the new glasses. This will help your eyes to adapt.

Have you recently switched from single-vision to bifocal lenses?

In case you have already checked your eyes and got a new frame, there are a few things to consider. As mentioned earlier, sometimes, your eyes might not get familiar with your new lenses initially. In that scenario, instead of opting for a new prescription, you need to adapt to a new frame or the way it works.

  • Training your eyes to see through the right portion of the lens would be the most difficult improvement.

  • During the first day or two, all of this can be daunting.

  • Your transition will be smoother after three days of continuous wear.

  • If you're still having trouble after a week, contact your optometrist and ensure that your lenses are appropriately fitted and that you have the right prescription.

Last-Minute Wisdom

The majority of problems relating to transitioning to new glasses go away in a few days, but it can take up to two weeks for certain people. Contact your eye doctor if you have been experiencing eye pain, blurred vision, or headaches for more than two or three days.

He or she may ask you to come back for a second look at your eyes, to double-check that your glasses were made properly, or to double-check that your prescription is valid. Visit Bullock’s The Eye-Opener to get hold of the best-in-class glasses frames in Vancouver.