Is it normal for your eyes to hurt after an eye exam?

By Sunil Khatri

Your eyes are sensitive and an essential part of your body. But it is also one of the few human organs that quickly get damaged if not taken proper care of. In today's times, where we have continuously been exposed to harmful rays thanks to mobile, TV, and laptop screens, the probability of damaging our eyes has increased.

Therefore, having regular eye tests or an eye exam in Vancouver helps you keep your eyes sound and healthy. However, if you wonder whether eye exams are painful or not, let this article give you an answer. Read on for other important information regarding eye health.

Are eye exams and eye tests the same?

Before answering the main question, we first need to understand what an eye test and an eye exam are. If you think that they are the same, you have misunderstood it. Eye tests are basic tests that help you test your vision, i.e., how well you can see.

These tests include reading out from a chart set at a distance, reading in different font sizes, and so on. These tests, commonly known as acuity tests, let your doctor know whether you would need glasses or lenses or not.

However, an eye exam is another thing altogether. These tests examine your eye as a whole, checking the various parts of your eyes to understand if they are healthy or not. Herein, your doctor would try various tests on you, the most common one being putting eye drops in your eyes and then check them. Also, these tests take longer and would probably give you blurry vision for a few hours.

Does it hurt after an eye exam?

Eye exams or not painful. However, due to the eye drops used, your eyes may experience stress and pressure, which may cause you to feel irritation. This irritation is common and not per se painful.

For example, eye exams include dilation, which includes using eye drops to enlarge or dilate your pupils. This allows extra light to enter your eyes and helps your doctor to examine the retina.

However, due to the dilation, your vision will become blurry, and you may feel a bit light-headed. This, too, may irritate.

Other tests would ask you to look in various directions, would flashlight in your eyes, or where the doctor would ask you to look into multiple machines. All these activities may give you a slight headache, as they will put stress and pressure on your eyes.

How often should I get an eye check-up?

The best time to visit an eye specialist near me is once every year. If you already wear glasses, you should get your eyes checked every six months or follow your doctor's advice.

If you experience sudden pain near the temple, behind the ears, on the bridge of your nose, or in the neck, you should pay a visit to your doctor. Other symptoms and signs that suggest you need an appointment are redness, swelling, frequent tearing, itchiness, or pain in the eye.

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