Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pair of Glasses

By Sunil Khatri

For people who need glasses or love wearing them for fashion, spectacles play a big role in their lives. Therefore, when it comes to glasses, you would want one that suits your face the best and something that you can pull off with any outfit. However, with the varied range and style of glasses nowadays, it isn't easy to choose the right frame.

Here, you will find tips that will help you choose the perfect pair of glasses from the sunglasses shop near me that will suit both your face and your personality.

Determine your face shape

Yes, your face shape plays a huge role in how well your glasses will suit you. Down below, you will find the shapes of glasses best suited for each face shape.

  • Round faces: Angular or rectangular frames will be ideal for these kinds of face shapes. These frames will help look the face longer and slimmer.

  • Oval faces: Frames with darker or thicker tops will be best for oval face shapes. People with oval face shapes should avoid boxes or slimmer frames.

  • Heart-shaped faces: For these kinds of face shapes, an aviator-style frame is advised. One may also try non-bulky rimless frames.

  • Square faces: Oval or round frames suit square face shapes. One may also try round-edged rectangular frames.

Fittings and proportions

Keep in mind your face size, the fitting of your glasses, and their proportions. Your glasses should complement your face and not over-power it or fall short of a presence. For instance, large frames will not be a very good choice if you have a small face.

Make sure that the nose-bridge design is comfortable and adjustable. The upper edges of the glass should be on the level with your eyebrows, while the lower rim should not touch your cheeks. These proportions and measurements will help you choose the right glass.

Colors to match your skin tone

Do not underestimate the color tone. Going with any random color could do more harm than good. Consider your skin tone before you decide on a frame. Try to avoid contrasting colors.

Before deciding on any frames, try them on and check it out in a mirror to see how well it plays with your skin tone. The right color will not just suit you but will also highlight your facial features.

Position of the eye

Be it more medical reasons or fashion, make sure that your eyes level at the glasses' horizontal center. Sometimes, the position may be shifted to the top third of the frame. These positions are acceptable. However, avoid frames where the eyes level to the corner of the frame.

The material of the frame

Lastly, the thing that will help you get the right frame is the material. The selection of the material will depend on a lot of things like budget, quality, suitability, etc. As there are several materials available, you should pick the ones that suit you the best. An eye care specialist near me will be able to help you out with such selections.

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