What Eyeglass Frames Helps You Look Younger?

By Sunil Khatri

Contrary to common belief, eyeglass frames do not make you look like a nerd. If you pick out a set of eyeglasses that complement your face, it could knock off a bunch of years and make you look younger and attractive. Optical glasses in Vancouver offer a wide range of fancy and ultra-stylish frames that is sure to make you look more youthful in a heartbeat.

Eyeglass Frames That Make You Look Younger

Black frames: Black is royal and elegant. Period. Most will agree that Black is a very versatile color. And, no matter what you are wearing, what your hair color may be, or what your age is, you will rock it in a pair of black eyeglasses. In fact, black frames are most commonly worn by those beginning to grey as well! That is right! Wearing a pair of black frames will complement your age and make you look sporty and young.

Oversized frames: Many seniors tend to believe that oversized frames are not for them. However, oversized frames do a great job at hiding facial signs that may give away your age. Oversized frames draw attention to the eyes, thus hiding any wrinkles or bagginess that may make you feel conscious of your age. In fact, oversized frames are a new trend and come in all shapes. If you have sharp jawlines, you could opt for oversized round glasses or oversized square frames if you have a round face.

Cat-eyed frames: Gone are the days when cat eyes frames were a woman’s choice. Today men too wear cat eyes. These frames highlight the cheekbones and are an excellent choice for those with round faces and chubby cheeks. Cat-eye frames look good in all colors, but you will not go wrong with a black pair of glasses if you are looking for a formal look.

Bold-looking frames: If you want to look young and are willing to experiment, go in for a bold-looking pair of glasses. Ditch the regular rimless office look for a funkier octagon-shaped pair of glasses. Go in for colors such as red and green that will add some pizzazz to your look.

Round glasses: If octagon-shaped glasses sound bizarre to you, stick to the good old round glass frames. While this may be perceived as a traditional shape, you simply cannot go wrong with it. Round frames never go off the trend charts and are suitable for all age groups. What’s more? These frames look good on all face shapes and are sure to earn you compliments. These frames are great for those with a receding hairline as they draw attention to the eyes. Pick a color that compliments your hair color and skin tone, and you are sure to fall in love with your pair of glasses.

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