Why Do Doctors Check Under Eyelids?
By Sunil Khatri

Every time you visit an eye care doctor, you know the doctor will perform specific actions before proceeding with the in-depth questions. Activities such as checking your pulses, checking blood pressure, looking at your mouth's insides, and checking under the eyelids are all actions we know.

But what is the reason behind such activities? Especially, why check under the eyelids? Is there any reason why doctors especially check under the eyelids all the time? If you are curious to know why doctors do that, read this article.

Reasons behind checking under the eyelids

There is a lot to learn about your health by checking under the eyelids. Doctors do so to get a quick understanding of what is going on in your body. Here are a few indications that a doctor learns by checking under your eyelids.

  • Puffiness or swelling around one's eyes may indicate infections, allergies, soft tissue infections, or even kidney problems. Comparing the redness of two eyes will tell if the person is suffering from some allergies or not.

  • Redness in the inner lining of the eyelid (or the conjunctiva) may indicate anemia.

  • If your eyelids do not close properly, there might be a problem with the eyelid muscles or nerves.

Other check-ups procedures

There is other important information that a doctor can know about your body just by studying your eyes. Here are a few others:

Movement of the eyes

Studying the movement of your eye can tell the doctor a lot about the health of your brain. The muscles that help your eyes' movement have nerves attached to them that directly connect to the brain.

If there are any damages done to your brain, there will be problems in your eyes' movement or cause physical problems such as squinting.

Position of the eyes

Another crucial indicator is the position of your eyeballs within your socket. If one of your eyes is protruding more than the other, it can mean many things. It can imply that there are masses behind that particular eye or that the person is suffering from thyroid problems.

The opposite is that the sunken state of the eyeball within the socket will indicate dehydration. Thus, even the position of the eye can tell a lot about your health.

Subsequently, you now understand the reason why doctors are so meticulous about checking your eyes, even for the most standard check-ups. Several vital things get revealed about your body and health with just one glance at the state of your eyes.

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